Company Objectives

In cohesion with our mission statement, the corporate objectives of Frezco Beverages Limited are both simple, yet inspiring and creative, challenging our own commitment to evolve in unison with the constantly changing world around us.

  1. A dedication to innovation.  Since its conception, Frezco Beverages has always been a company that has been at the forefront of the industry, constantly seeking new and fresh ideas, alternative products that challenge our preconceptions and ask us to think differently about the way we treat our bodies by drinking new, healthy options that offer a natural yet delicious alternative.  We will continue to seek new ideas, and explore new concepts to constantly bring new products to the market place.

  2. A total commitment to the environment.  From day one, Frezco Beverages has been dedicated to preserving the natural world around us, from the healthy natural ingredients found in our products, to the way we utilise the natural environment around us,  Frezco have always shown this commitment and will continue to do so. Our packaging uses only PET plastics which are the most recyclable plastics currently available, but should an alternative present itself which proves even less damaging to the environment, then our commitment means we will always consider the new options. 

  3. A modern, forward thinking work ethic. Frezco have always prided themselves on being a multi-racial, multi ethnicity organisation, we believe in equal gender roles and have a policy of discouraging discrimination of any kind, applications are welcome from people with disabilities and we openly encourage this. We are a modern, progressive company that don’t believe in boundaries and will always continue to think this way. We have always considered our employees to be one of our most important assets, and as such we give them the respect and consideration that they deserve. Our staff are encouraged to bring forward new ideas and help the company to grow, our people are among the most dedicated you will ever find and share our passion and enthusiasm for the healthy products that we produce. We have a very low turnover of staff and will continue to adapt and improve where possible, to ensure that Frezco Beverages keeps its reputation as being one of the best employers in the industry.

  4. Respect the Customer.  This maybe an old cliché, but it is a core belief of the Frezco Beverages company and the high regard in which we hold our customers far exceeds that of our competitors.   We have always believed in offering our clients only the finest quality products, the healthiest and most natural alternatives, the best possible packaging and branding options and the finest quality ingredients, such as the crystal clean, pure water in Aqua Pacific. But here at Frezco Beverages, we go further than just supplying the best products available, we also offer the best support and after sales service in an industry which is fast becoming “service aware” .  When you buy a Frezco Beverages drink, you aren’t just buying  ‘a drink’, you are purchasing a product which is one of the best quality options available, and you are buying into a company that truly believe in their products and will back them all the way, with outstanding quality control and superb customer support. 


Frezco Beverages Limited Mission Statement

The Mission Statement of Frezco Beverages Limited, in unison with our company objectives, is a very simple and direct statement, one which illustrates the company ethos for producing innovative drink products, and demonstrating a devotion to healthy, beneficial alternatives. 
We are a company who value both their customers and employees highly yet remain dedicated to a culture that is both multi racial and totally committed to equal opportunites.  Our products are often in direct partnership with mother nature, and as such we are resolute in our commitment to staying environmentally friendly, ensuring both our products and people all remain globally aware.

The Frezco Beverages Mission Statement ;-

  • To innovate, improve and expand our company portfolio with new, exciting products.

  • To demonstrate a total commitment to providing healthy drinks in partnership with nature.

  • To remain committed to being a multi racial, equal opportunities company who values its employees with the same high regard which it values its customers.

  • To quite simply, make the drinks that you only want to drink.